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Opi nail polishes have very beautiful color and are good for all-purpose. Wherever you have to go, these varnishes will be spectacular and noticeable. Your painting skills here come to the fore. Creativeness and design are your allies in painting nails.


New Opi colors 2014 will give you all what you need to be creative when nail look is at stake. Your creativity is reflected on your nails. If you artistic soul and you love to draw, experimenting with lacquers and colors is right thing for you. You can mix 2 or more colors and express your personality. If you like nature, you will draftsman butterflies, bees or flowers. Also, you can paint your nails with all shapes you want.

Complexion and colors

You have to pay attention on your skin color. On dark skin befit all tones of every color, but on white and bright complexion befit light shades or vibrant colors. This is very important if you want to look very pretty at every opportunity. For example, if you go to the wedding, you have to be decently dressed and have the appropriate color on your nails.


New Opi colors 2014 will have trimmings in the form of zircon, sequins and stickers for your nails. You can make hello kitty on your nails. This will give you look naive little girl. Also, you can make French manicure and get look of a young lady. Whatever you want you can put on your nails. Your creativeness has no limits.

Popular OPI Nail Polish Colors 2013-2014

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The first modern nail polish came onto the market until 1925 and was a “byproduct” of the automotive industry. Today, OPI nail polish colors 2013-2014 to one of the most popular fashion accessories. Trend colors and accents are an indispensable part of today’s street scene. The American company OPI is one of the world’s leading suppliers of professional nail care and nail polish. OPI shows the trends that you see on the nails of the stars in the world. This position brings some responsibility, which is reflected in the fact that OPI offers only the highest quality services and products. OPI nail polish colors 2013 are simultaneous fine understanding of the trends in the fashion world.

OPI nail polish colors

Suzi Weiss-Fischmann’s Passion for Color

OPI was founded in 1981 and has been in family hands. Figurehead is Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, who impressed by her work and her passionate fondness for color, the company as a creative mind and in America, the “Lady of Nails” is called. Anyone interested in OPI nail polish colors 2013-2014 should, from time to time items in their blog.

Striking Name for Nail Polish

Beautiful perfect OPI nail polish colors 2013-2014 belong to a female, seductive appearance and require professional and regular care. Products for the care of the cuticles and nails are in the range of OPI as well as the paint colors that bear interesting names: Russian Navy, I Only Drink Champagne, You Don’t Know Jacques, and Lincoln Park after Dark. In Germany, the nail polishes are getting very difficult. The company OPI pays more than any other company on quality. Great is the fear of plagiarism, official dealers are and Anyone who has ever used OPI nail polish colors 2013-2014 will appreciate the benefits of enhanced durability, fast drying, non-splintering, and a huge range of colors.

Nail polish colors

Stars Wear OPI Nail Polish

Many American stars like Rihanna, Gwen Stefani, Drew Barrymore or Heidi Klum are fans of the cult label OPI. On many magazine covers celebrities are seen with painted nails that come from OPI. The last nail polish from the company is the nail polish collection for Jim Burton’s movie “Alice in Wonderland”.